Lost Forever Ago


I’m really bored of being fat and ugly but I know that even if I made an effort to lose the weight I want to I would still hate my body and my face cause there are things I physically cannot change


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♡ a little sad but still rad ♡

Ooh baby ooh baby, I’m in love. 😍


Drawn in coloured pencil. Prints will be available soon
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The Fault in Our Stars national tour kicks off in New York City on Sunday, May 4th at 1:30pm EST. John Green and members of the cast will chat about the movie and announce the winning states of the Demand Our Stars tour.

To stream the event LIVE and watch it with nerdfighters in your area, register your own Tumblr Meet-up here. Make sure to include “TFIOS” in the “venue” line and register by Friday 4/25 to receive a kit full of Tumblr swag. (Meet-up kits for US meet-ups only)
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